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Last month, the Board of Directors welcomed a new President and Executive Committee to The Arboretum.  I wanted to share this article found in the April View (The View is The Arboretum’s e-newsletter.  If you would like to subscribe, please email office@cedarvalleyarboretum.org.) written by the new “Queen Bee,” Pam Hayes.



Greetings! As the new president of the board of directors of The Arboretum, I was told that one of my first duties was to choose a theme for this year. After reviewing the 14-year history of The Arboretum, and thinking about my own (much shorter) experiences with the people and places involved with the organization, and obvious theme sprang to mind – We’re All About Growing.

In a few issues of The View, I plan on developing this theme with our readers. The obvious reading of these words is that “Yep, The Arboretum grows lots of beautiful flowers, bushes, trees and other plants! We’re all about growing!” another straightforward interpretation emphasizes the “all,” – all of us, staff, volunteers, members, donors, etc. – are involved with supporting the mission of The Arboretum.  We’re all about growing – The Arboretum needs us all.

However, there are lots of other ways to interpret this theme. In this issue, we’ll look briefly how The Arboretum grows people, and how people can grow by being involved with The Arboretum.  We already know that Arboretum volunteers benefit in many ways from their involvement – they learn more about nature and gardening (as well as everything from air conditioning to website to equipment maintenance to budget operation, etc.). Garden volunteers enhance their physical and mental health as they perform their open-air Arboretum chores – and maybe keep their waistlines from growing a bit at the same time! Volunteers make friends and grow their friendship circles as they work together. Some even grow their repertoire of (clean) jokes!

But besides helping volunteers grow, The Arboretum makes its beautiful and bountiful self available to the whole community (as well as visitors from all over the U.S.) for their enjoyment.  Have you ever thought of the following benefits that The Arboretum provides for visitors?  The Arboretum:

Provides a quiet space to meditate upon nature; to nourish a sense of wonder.

Serves as a demonstration of best practices and new ideas for home gardeners.

Provides a safe and interesting place for individuals and families to be together in a natural landscape (busy parents and grandparents especially thank us for the Children’s Garden).

Facilitates health enhancement by providing an attractive landscape to walk through, including a one-mile walking trail.

Serves as a classroom for parents to teach their children about nature and environmental issues.

So this year, let us all appreciate what The Arboretum does for each of us as individuals, and for others who come for a visit.  I also ask you to think seriously about the theme, “We’re all about growing,” and make a commitment to give a little more this year – a little more time, perhaps; a little more money; or maybe just a little more effort to share your skills and resources with The Arboretum.  After all, with your help, We’re All About Growing.


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May 5, 2009 at 4:02 pm

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  1. Wow – what a great article!
    Pam Hays

    Hee hee.

    Pam Hays

    May 7, 2009 at 1:34 pm

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