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The Arboretum attended UNI’s Autumn-matic Wellness Fair this past Tuesday to promote the gardens and one-mile walking trail to students, faculty and staff.  We had a great crowd and was fun to be on campus – thanks to Pat McGivern for lending her happy smile to the event!

And quite conveniently, Steph and Billie were right next to us promoting the UNI Botanical Center!  If you have not visited, make it high on your list to do so this winter!  Their website is http://www.uni.edu/biology/botanicalcenter.

The Arboretum was also promoting smart gardening tips … read below.

ten steps for a healthy (and natural!) garden

step one::  Start with your soil.  Well-balanced soil is the key to success!  Consider buying a soil test at your local garden center.  Amend soil as necessary.

step two::  Remove all unwanted plant material and debris in the spring.  Cultivate the soil by hand or using a tiller.

step three::  Soil lacking in nutrients?  Add 3 to 6 inches of organic compost to your topsoil.

step four::  Some bugs are good!  Earthworms continually fertilize the soil.  Control unwanted insects with soaps, oils and other organic alternatives.

step five::  Choose site-appropriate plant material that can thrive in our Iowa climate.

step six::  If your soil is incredibly nutrient deficient, consider using a slow-release organic fertilizer every few months (or as stated on container).

step seven::  Help smother weeds by using mulch.

step eight::  Weed by hand.  Get a bit of exercise and enjoy the fresh air!

step nine::  Water deep.  Soak the roots on a regular basis – this is better for the plants than quick, frequent waterings.

step ten::  Enjoy the fruits of your labor!

See you in the gardens.


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October 29, 2009 at 8:45 pm

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  1. I did not know UNI had a botanical center. You learn something new every day!


    October 29, 2009 at 11:50 pm

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