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Really. Big. Rabbits.

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As you can see, we take our rabbit fencing seriously at The Arboretum!  The bottom of the arborvitae are bare from previous year’s damage and new growth is just now returning – we aren’t willing to risk it again!  The fencing is especially tall on the north side after last year’s snow drifts made it quite easy for the rabbits to hop over the shorter fence!  (Thank you to the “Maintenance Men” who worked so diligently on this project!)


Have you done any critter proofing at your house for the winter?  Unfortunately, it seems like their tastes change from year to year so it’s hard to know what they will go after.  I suggest fencing small ornamental trees and susceptible shrubs.  The rabbits seem to especially like burning bushes at The Arboretum, as well as our small fruit trees and ornamental conifers.


You might also consider wrapping the tree bases of your younger trees.  Small caliper and thin barked trees are susceptible to sun scald.  Damage occurs when the bark heats up on sunny days and the tree breaks dormancy.  When the tree bark cools down, the tissue dies, leaving a crack or sunken spot in the bark.  Wrapping the tree ensures more consistent temperatures on the bark.  Place the wrap on the trees in the fall and remove in the spring after last frost.


See you in the gardens.


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November 19, 2009 at 10:22 pm

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