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Yesterday a friend and I were talking about cutting gardens and it made me so anxious for spring!  Giving out bright bouquets is one of my favorite parts of gardening.  If I were to plant a cutting garden today, I would plant four o’clocks, cosmos, salvia, Magellan zinnias and celosia.


When choosing flowers for your cutting garden, what should you be looking for?  I like to choose mostly annuals (complete living cycle in one growing season) grown from seed because it provides more flexibility from year to year and seeds are often very cheap to buy.  It is also important to choose flowers that will bloom continuously throughout the whole summer, rather than a flower like pansies that bloom in the spring and fade out once the heat sets in.  I like to choose flowers that I know will make a beautiful bouquet for several days.  Zinnias are a flower that will last several days in water while sometimes flowers with more delicate petals (like hollyhock) would not last as long.

I hope this virtual bouquet cheers up your winter day!


See you in the gardens.


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January 28, 2010 at 9:09 pm

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