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Head House Repairs

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We found the Head House (our maintenance building/ garage) in sorry shape this spring.  Especially on the south side, there were many rotted sections.  Thank goodness the Arboretum had a very talented group to complete the repairs!

To get the project started, the Arboretum’s “Maintenance Men” (A group of guys often called upon to fix and build … for some reason they liked “Maintenance Men” better than “Mollie’s Boys!” 🙂  ) tore off the rotten sections and prepared for the new siding.

Next, the Cedar Falls Kiwanis worked most of a Saturday to put up new siding and begin painting.  If you recall, the Cedar Falls Kiwanis came in last year to remodel a raised bed in our Enabling Garden (which turned out beautifully and is enjoyed by many!).  With a discount from Barnes Builders in Cedar Falls, the Cedar Falls Kiwanis were able to purchase and donate all the material needed for the repair.   

HUGE thanks to our Maintenance Men, the Cedar Falls Kiwanis and Barnes Builders!!

 See you in the gardens.


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June 2, 2010 at 6:21 pm

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