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Can you indulge me with one more blog post about Chicago?  The Windy City is filled with too many beautiful parks and gardens to count, but my favorite will always be the Lurie Garden in Millennium Park.  Every time I visit, I am in awe of the garden design and plant combinations.  To learn more about the Lurie Garden, visit http://luriegarden.org/.


And every time I tour the gardens, I see a new plant that I fall in love with.  This visit I found three! 

From left to right they are:

Digitalis ferruginea   —  Rusty Foxglove

This foxglove has a more subtle flower than others, but still worth planting in your garden!  (Floxglove is a biennial, so there is only foliage the first year followed by a flower the second.  Like many other biennials, foxglove is self-seeding.)

Inula magnifica ‘Sonnestrahl’   —  Fleabane

Fleabane is very tall!  The full-size plant comes in at about seven feet tall, so you need some space for this beauty!

Scutellaria incana   —  Skullcap

Skullcap has a more subtle, dainty flower than the other two, but still so pretty!

All three have great mid-summer interest with height and thrive in our region. 

See you in the gardens.


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July 27, 2010 at 4:30 pm

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