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Rose Garden Review

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In previous years, I have had beautiful autumn photos of our Rose Garden in full bloom.


Right now, our Rose Garden looks like this:


The garden is lush and green – just no flowers.  Our lack of September color is closely related the heat wave we experienced a few weeks ago.   Roses like the full sun but do not like extreme heat – kind of like me!

This is one reason we planted perennials as companion plants to our roses last summer (You can read about what we planted here: https://cedarvalleyarboretum.wordpress.com/2010/05/27/ ).  Long-blooming perennials like salvia, nepeta and cranesbill help fill in the gaps when the roses aren’t blooming.

Many of the perennials continued to bloom during and after the heat wave but are now beginning to tire out.  Adding annuals to the mix would increase our chances of continuous color throughout the summer – I’ve already made notes to do so next summer.  I think a purple angelonia (left) and white euphorbia (right) would be perfect fillers for this space!


(Images from http://www.gardencrossings.com/plantname/Angelonia-Angelface-Blue and http://www.ashlandgreenhouses.com/detail.php?id=2062&cat=deluxe )

Now is a great time to walk your gardens and take notes for next year.  Take inventory of what is working and what is not.  Don’t be afraid to take out the duds – the joy of gardening is the continuous tweaking and experimenting!


See you in the gardens.



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September 3, 2011 at 6:00 am

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