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Signs of Winter

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Winter.  A dreaded word for some (like my husband!).  But no matter our opinions of the upcoming season, Mother Nature is marching forward and we have to get ready.  Preparing for snow and the colder temperatures is quite a process at the Arboretum and we have to start early to get everything done.


Here are two quick looks at a few things we do to prepare for winter.  The photo on the left shows the inside of our new barn quickly filling up.  To keep our outdoor furniture (tables, chairs and benches) from weathering, we bring as much as we can indoors.  Having the new barn has been a tremendous help.  In years past, we have had to store all our furniture in the Education Center – often precariously stacked to the ceiling!


The photo on the right shows the Arrival Gardens fenced in with chicken wire.  Those little rabbits can do a real number on our plant material during the winter – especially to our arborvitaes surrounding the Rose Garden and the burning bushes in the Arrival Gardens.  A few years ago, the burning bushes (center of photo) were eaten to the ground.  They have finally grown back – and had beautiful color this fall!


Special thanks to the volunteers who work so hard to prepare our gardens for winter!



See you in the gardens.


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October 25, 2011 at 6:56 am

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