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2012 Season Projects

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Earlier this week, I mentioned we have several projects in the hopper for 2012.  My favorite part of working at the Arboretum is seeing our gardens change and grow each season – next year will be no exception!  I am excited for a few months indoors to really tackle the details that will make these projects come to life.

Since we are still in a bit of “getting the gardens to bed” mode, many of these projects still need to be fleshed out.  A few, however, have already started to come together on site.  Our two main projects of the 2012 season will be remodeling the Head House into a year-round welcome center and dismantling the community gardens for additional event space.  Two transformations that will significantly improve how the Arboretum interacts with our community!

Head House Remodel


(Left: The Head House in 2009 packed to the gills.  Right: New barn on the southwest corner of the parking lot.)

When I started at the Arboretum in 2008, the Head House stored all our equipment, tools, etc. as well as housed a small summer office for me – that was a lot to pack into one small building!  Now that we have our new fancy barn for storage and work space, the Head House is open to be used for other uses.  A BIG NEED we have is a better way to greet and orientate new visitors.  With the Head House located just north of our main parking lot, this building is situated perfectly to welcome visitors to the gardens.  Remodeling this building would also provide the opportunity to have staff offices on site year-round.

Community Garden Dismantle



(Left: Community Gardens midsummer.  Right: Community gardens this fall with plant material and brick edging removed.)

I know, I know…. we must be crazy to discontinue our community garden program.  Many of the months of our open season, these 10×10’ plots look beautiful!  BUT just wait until you see this space re-imagined!  The community gardens were a space that was used well but could be used even better – this area is prime real estate for Arboretum events and private rentals.

Other projects on the list for 2012?  Annual plant material for the Rose Garden, expanded Enabling Garden plantings, interactive stations in the Children’s Garden… just  to name a few.  As we start our planning sessions this winter, I’ll have more fun updates to share.  Stay tuned!


Have a great weekend.  See you in the gardens.





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