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New Additions to the Rose Garden

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My favorite winter project is choosing new plant material for our gardens – it’s always fun to have new additions for each season!  I recently finished our plant order for the Rose Garden and am excited for a variety of new perennials and shrub roses to arrive this May.


If you have visited our Rose Garden in the past few years, you already know this space has gotten a major facelift.  Some of the highlights over the 2010 and 2011 season include new companion plantings; a two-tiered, cedar pergola; and a stone patio with beautiful oak leaf design.  When the gardens are in full bloom, this new space is a showstopper (And a wonderful space to rent for weddings.  For more information, please visit our rental page at http://www.cedarvalleyarboretum.org/rentals.asp!).


The final improvement for this garden is to substitute our tea roses for new varieties of shrub roses.  Like other gardeners in Northeast Iowa, Japanese Beetles have caused me great pain and frustration (That is only a slight exaggeration – I hate those dumb beetles!!) by decimating our roses in the Rose Garden.  All of our roses have suffered from these hungry pests, but the tea roses are far more susceptible.  With the shrub roses, I’m able to better control the damage and still have summer-long bloom.


Some gardeners don’t like hardy shrub roses and refer to them as “landscaper roses” – a dirty word to those who appreciate the finer qualities of the Rosa genus.  And I completely understand!  Many of the hardy shrub roses have less showy blooms, fragrant smell or delicate form.  But what they lack in subtle beauty, they make up for with bright, season-long color with no deadheading; disease/pest resistance; and winter hardiness (All of my favorite plant qualities!).  Hardy shrub roses are also very easy to find and reasonably priced in our local garden centers.  This is very important to us as we design our gardens at the Arboretum – we want visitors to be inspired by our gardens and be able replicate aspects of our designs in their home landscape.


Our Rose Garden already includes a handful of hardy shrub roses, such as the Knock Out® roses shown above.  “Knock Out” is the commercial name given to a collection of shrub roses cultivated for low maintenance and disease resistance – to learn more, please visit http://www.conard-pyle.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/koplants.splash.  This collection includes several different colors and blooms, including:


The Knock Out® Rose (red bloom)

The Double Knock Out® Rose (red with fuller, double bloom)

The Pink Knock Out® Rose (pink bloom)

The Pink Double Knock Out® Rose (pink with fuller, double bloom)

The Rainbow Knock Out® Rose (pink bloom with yellow center)

The Blushing Knock Out® Rose (pink bloom that fades to a more subtle pink with age)

The Sunny Knock Out® Rose (yellow bloom)


We currently grow several of the red Knock Out® roses and I have ordered the other six varieties to try this season.  We are also going to try several varieties of Northern Accents™ shrub roses – a collection cultivated in Minnesota to be grown in our harsh, northern climates.  Northern Accents™ roses are not as widely found in the garden centers yet, but should be easier to find in the coming years.


Now if only it were May so we could start planting!  I hope you will stop by (many times!) this summer to check out these new varieties of roses.


See you in the gardens,



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March 12, 2012 at 6:41 am

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